How to install Yuzu emulator on PC Windows 32/64 bit Switch

Yuzu emulator Install Windows PC

Yuzu is an experimental open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch from the creators of Citra.

It is written in C++ with portability in mind, with builds actively maintained for Windows and Linux.

This guide explains how to install Yuzu emulator on PC compatibles with Windows OS.


Software requirements

You can find all required data for your device from the link buttons below:

Yuzu emulatorDownload
Microsoft Visual C++Download

The software requirements for running this application must be met in order for the software to function at all.

System requirements

The hardware requirements for running the application vary depending on your current configuration.

Recommended requirements

OSWindows 10 (or higher)
CPUx64 Octa core (or higher)
RAM8 GB (or more)
GPUOpenGL 4.6 or Vulkan 1.1 (or newer)
StorageSSD or HDD 1 GB (or more)

Our recommended specifications don’t guarantee perfect performance in most games, but rather strive to provide a cost effective recommendation while still considering performance.

Minimum requirements

OSWindows 7 (or higher)
CPUx86 Quad core (or higher)
RAM4 GB (or more)
GPUOpenGL 4.3 or Vulkan 1.1 (or newer)
StorageSSD or HDD 1 GB (or more)

We cannot guarantee the performance of system specifications lower the recommended requirements but you’re always welcome to experiment.

Install emulator

  1. Download the .zip archive
  2. Extract the .zip archive on a folder
  3. Select the folder containing the extracted file
  4. Open the file .exe as administrator
  5. Press install button
  6. Launch the software
Yuzu emulator Install Windows PC

Run either the yuzu or yuzu Early Access shortcuts that were created by the yuzu installer tool.

Install games

In yuzu, click on + Add New Game Directory in the browser, and navigate to the folder where you placed your XCI or NSP files.

Yuzu emulator is capable of running most commercial games at full speed, provided you meet the necessary hardware requirements.

Yuzu emulator Install Games

Games/DLC update

Installing updates and DLC is simple. In the top left corner of the emulator window, select File / Install Files to NAND, then select the file you wish to install.

Once installed, your files should load automatically and the installed update or DLC will be shown in the games list add-ons column of the corresponding game.

If you wish to activate/deactivate a specific update or DLC then right click your game in the games list, select Properties, then enable or disable as needed.

Reinstalling or Overwriting Updates/DLC is as simple as following the above instructions, selecting your files and installing your Update/DLC.

When doing this, any previously installed files will be removed and replaced by the newly installed versions.

Yuzu emulator Install Games DLC

Install MOD/Cheat

To add mods to a specific game, simply right click the game in yuzu’s games list, select Open Mod Data Location and structure your mod files similar to this example:

Mod directory/mod name/romfs or Mod directory/mod name/exefs

To add cheats, structure your cheat file similar to this example:

Mod directory/cheat name/cheats

Yuzu emulator Install MOD/Cheat

Update emulator

This application is from a third-party developer, so an automatic update won’t be available.

You will need to manually update the app by removing the old version and installing the new version on the download section.

All the updates have the latest fixes and optimizations, but their constantly changing nature means that little testing has been done on them and unknown bugs may appear.


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